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Large Towel

Large Towel

For placing over your yoga mat when your sweat begins to make the mat slippery. Towels are rented by donation.

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

A basic sticky mat will do.



Make sure you come to class well hydrated, and bring water along with you as well. We sell waters for $2.

Listed below are some helpful tips to ensure that you are prepared for your first yoga class at Hot Yoga Lounge!


  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out a New Student Waiver. 

  • Be quiet during class, please no talking in the yoga room!

  • Bring a towel/mat/water

  • Don't eat 2-3 hours prior to class

  • Clean up your area after class (props, mat, sweat off floor)

  • Don't leave class early or show up late (front door is locked)

  • Understand that becoming lightheaded or nauseous is completely normal the first few times you practice yoga in the heat

  • Don't wear shoes in the yoga room

  • Leave your belongings in a cubby in the lobby-No phones in yoga room

  • Know that yoga is a practice, it takes time to cultivate!

  • Our instructors are always available after class for any questions or concerns you may have.


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