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At Hot Yoga Lounge, we have a class for everyone.  All of our classes are taught by instructors who have their RYT-200 certification as a MINIMUM.


"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."

~The Bhagavad Gita


Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is an intense form of physical exercise performed in a heated room between 100-110 degrees.  Classes are filled with continuous movement and postures designed to not only strengthen and tone the body, but allow for a deeper release of the muscles.  Most of the classes are leveled beginner to intermediate depending on your level of physical fitness.  All classes are centered around breathwork (pranayama) and moving mediation (asana). 


Ballet Barre Yoga

My Barre Yoga Fusion is a combined use of the ballet barre, yoga stretches, Pilates, weights and other strength building exercises, all in one! Each class infuses high-energy music, a mix of isometric exercises and stretches that challenge every muscle in the physical body. This class will help create long and lean muscles, while also strengthening and sculpted your physique.



Hot Yoga Lounge offers a variety of workshops to enhance your yoga practice or to explore additional avenues of yoga.


Private Yoga Instruction

Private instruction is for those looking to further their practice through one on one support.  Private classes can be beginner to advanced and tailored to your personal needs.


Yoga Retreats

Hot Yoga Lounge offers annual retreat options domesitcally and internationally!  Our retrreats have taken place in Costa Rica, Arizona, North Carolina, the Bahamas and more.  Our retreats are open to all levels and experience and will deepen your view of the world around us.

Yoga Retreat

Kid & Teen Yoga

Fun for all ages! Kids ages 7-12  and Teens 13+! Classes overlap regularly scheduled hot yoga classes so that the whole family can practice at the same time.  Kids & Teens learn yoga postures, breath, and meditation.

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