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1 Month of unlimited yoga $25-Virtual ONLY

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Yoga Nidra w/Amber A.

October 3rd from 5-6pm

Benefits included but are not limited to

~Relieving muscular, emotional and mental tension

~Relieves stress and anxiety

~Treats insomnia

~Enhances memory

~Increased Energy

~Heals endocrinal imbalances

~Detoxifies the body

~Improves creativity

~Restores the mind and body

$5 for members/$10 for Non-members

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Come glow with Amanda under the black lights

Dates to come soon :-)

Come glow flow in a fun, high energy yoga class for kids.
*Black light reflective clothing suggested (white, neon, etc.)
*Ages 7-12yrs.

*Bring water

* Appropriate behavior required

You can email to register


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Kids Yoga

Every Wednesday and Friday Evening

$5 drop in/packages available

Wednesday-5:15-6:30-w/ Amanda

Friday-5:30-6:45-w/ Chris

Email for questions to 


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